You Suffer Unbearable Colitis Symptoms... 
and you are beginning to fear you may never get better

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                                            Who Am I, what am I selling? 

My name is Rachel Hohlweg, my father Mike Hohlweg rid himself of horrible digestive disorder symptoms. In the last few years, he has taught thousands of people just like you, to reduce or eliminate them as well. The plan to end symptoms like pain, bloating, excess acid, inflammation, attacks, flare-ups, and bathroom nightmares, is called “Catalyst Food Avoidance” and it really works. It is not for everyone because eating changes are not easy, so read here for just a couple of minutes to make an educated decision to either stay where you are now... or do something to finally change things.
I Understand 
I know what you are going through because our family witnessed the attacks, cramping, powerful medications, fear of surgeries, and humiliating colonoscopies my father faced. 
Why Would You Listen to Me?
Because this plan works and whatever you are doing now… doesn’t. 
In Mike's opinion, what is the cause of symptoms…?
Let's not complicate it. The colitis sufferer’s bowel is inflamed and you have other symptoms related to this bowel inflammation. That’s it! Bowel inflammation is caused (in Mike’s opinion) by overproduction of stomach acid. 
But stomach acid is “natural” isn’t it?
Yes, your bowel is protected by mucus to tolerate some acid, but it may not be meant to endure an acid bath three times per day, 365 days a year (every meal). At this level of acid flow you develop more frequent attacks, flare-ups, endless discomfort, and toilet “issues.” Our family knows first hand what you are going through and why you can’t stand it any longer.
How can my body digest my food, if not with acid?
Read this even if you skip everything else

In the U.S., U.K, A.U. and CAN., people eat “Catalyst Foods” (a term my father invented for specific foods that cause acid digestion), instead of enzyme and bile digestion. In other countries… people don’t eat the way we do. Why should you care? Enzyme and bile digestion do not burn delicate tissue or eat away at the protective mucosal lining of the bowel. Enzyme/bile digestion does not seem to cause any inflammation. 
What happens if I reduce or eliminate inflammation?

My father says inflammation is like sunburn. Once you have sunburn, you either stop the exposure to the sun or you will get worse. Inflammation is the sunburn of the bowel. Catalyst Foods are like the UV rays. If you stop eating Catalyst (acid causing) Foods, your body produces far less acid. Then your body can begin to repair itself from inflammation damage (like healing from a sunburn). It is not complicated and most people can tell within 5 days that they’ve “found the actual solution” to their colitis symptoms.

What you really need to know!

My promise to you is that Catalyst Food Avoidance works for
over 95% of those who apply it. When I say “works” I mean symptom reduction or complete elimination.

We can’t do it for you but the book will guide you through it.  The book is highly explanatory (high school level) and comes with a second, free book “50 things you absolutely must know,” which answers every common question dad's heard in 10 years of helping people get better.

Dad’s book has helped thousands with colitis, including: ulcerative colitis, ischemic colitis, microscopic colitis, lymphocytic colitis and collagenous colitis.

Some Internet companies are not reputable. Why should I trust you?

We have a many year, honest business history with Pay Pal. You can also examine our record: Pain Free Foods LLC, at any better business agency you choose and read our perfect record of doing business with integrity. We average an A+ rating everywhere. Note: After helping tens of thousands, you will still never find Colitis Pain Free Foods at any used book store. Once you have this book, you will never let it go either!

What Do These 7 Hot Spots Have in Common?

Diverticulitis, Colitis and Crohn’s have become an epidemic in the last 60 to 80 years. Before that, they basically did not exist.

There are over 190 countries on this planet. Nearly all of the colitis, diverticulitis and Crohn’s deaths (gastroenteritis mortality rate) come from fewer than 20 of these countries and over 80% of them come from only 7 modern “Westernized diet” countries. These countries are: (UK, USA, CAN, AU, DE, NZ and SA).

Billions of people in the less developed countries with less “modern style” diets have few digestive disorders (gastroenteritis) of which, colitis is a member. These digestive disorder “free” countries include Asia and Africa. (see above link)

Maybe I should leave, and think about it.

I won’t try to stop you but here’s something to think about: You came here looking for a solution to your colitis symptoms. You’ve found it. This program gives a symptom relief plan for less than the cost of a pair of shoes. You own shoes because you made them a priority. Guess what? To get better, you must make your health a priority. We promise this works and there is no risk to you. We give you your money back if not satisfied (less than 2% take us up on this). This is it. Do something right now to get better. This will be the best “pair of shoes” you ever bought. Rachel Hohlweg

What Exactly Will I Get When I Have my own copy?

You will get all 4 of these books combined into one spiral or soft bound volume.

  • Colitis Pain Free Foods 28 Page Relief Plan (this is book 1 of 4). All 4 titles combined into one soft bound or spiral volume. You get both the soft cover (we mail printed books out daily), and a free digital copy sent immediately as you order so you can start right now?
  • “50 Things You Absolutely Must Know Book” (book 2) that answers the questions 30,000 people have asked us during 7 years of coaching.
  • Colitis Diet Recipes! (200 recipes, 72 pages, book 3). Use the recipe collection to make your own menu for a week or two. The recipe collection has breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and smoothies.
  • 7-Day Menu! (book 4). We received so many requests for this, we had no choice. We hand select 21 great meals from the program and give you a shopping list ready for the store. If you don't want to figure things out... this is for you. 
  • 5-Minute Quick Start Guide” (see page 21) eliminate the catalyst foods and trigger foods with your very next bite. This is as simple as a colitis diet can be.  Eat Almost Any Food You Want, just don’t eat two catalyst foods in a meal. You will not be deprived or go hungry. You can even eat meat in moderation and drink coffee and tea. There are 7 foods that you should not eat (and almost everyone with colitis eats them daily). We tell you what they are and which substitutes are perfectly acceptable.    
  • Eat Out Guide.” All customers get a laminated pocket size version of the simple chart that shows you what to eat anywhere you go... friends, restaurants, anywhere.  
  • Free Unlimited Email Support for every customer!  Emails answered 5 days a week! We know how you feel
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Colitis PFF

Colitis Pain Free Foods sells out every printing and helpes thousands recover health. Those who have read these 28 pages tell us they don’t know how they lived without this book. We guarantee this book is worth more than anything you have ever read about Colitis. 
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Recipe Collection

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The Eat Out Guide

Don’t get in trouble, even while away from home.. This eat out guide will show you how to enjoy normal day to day activities without accidentally eating the wrong foods. A pocket or purse sized card to use when you eat out..
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7-Day Menu 

Some of our customers just want to be told “what to eat right now.” The menu gives you 21 meals and a shopping list for the store… simple. The only way to make it easier is to let us do the cooking… and before you ask... “no” we won’t.
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Full Email Support

Contact us anytime about anything, 5 days a week. Email: [email protected] We are happy to help. No other online Colitis program provides you with this level of support!
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50 Things Book

You need to know how to stop a flareup, end chronic diarrhea or constipation, end bloating, relieve inflammation or and 45 other symptoms and issues. Real solutions to real symptoms. Worth more than $45 the first time you use it. 
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Genuine Customer Testimonials

 (we have thousands, these are just a couple from our FaceBook group).

*Disclaimer* *These testimonials were chosen for their positive outcome and may not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the diet. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.*

Cindy Cooper - June 2016

*Disclaimer* *Hi Clare, I've had colitis for almost 2 years now. The steroids were no longer working. I found and have been on it for three weeks now! It is working! Get the book! After adjusting to gluten free and lactose free diet over a year ago this diet is pretty simple! Give it a try! Good luck!*

Linda Dinnage - June 2016

*Disclaimer* *Do get the book and follow the food plan, it does work very well, I still get the odd flare up but all in all I am feeling much healthier. Good luck*

Susan Seay - May 2016

*Disclaimer* *Hi! I wanted to write to thank you for all the help you have given me with my diagnosis and diet. They say knowledge is power and I didn’t have any knowledge about this disease. (I have recently found out there could  be some correlation between my Mom having suffered with colitis for years and now my issue!) It has been almost 5 months now and I have not had any  significant issues. No hospitalizations!! I am stomach pain free – every once in a while I might have a slight bathroom issue but overall I feel  good – I have lost some weight – but I was able to do that OK. I find if I am too heavy on the carb side, that is when I have issues. I seem to be able to  eat a little more variety now without fear of something going wrong. Mostly I thank you for giving me some information and recommendations as there was  nothing given to me from my hospital visit or my primary Doctor. I didn’t know what I could safely eat!! I do the tea almost every day, sometimes  twice a day, take salmon oil and slippery elm. So I feel like I am healing. I drink no pop, all water and I’m trying to cut back on the acidic foods – although all  my favorites seem to be on that list!! Thank you again.* 

Cindy - May 2016 

*Disclaimer* *Hi I have been on the diet for a little over two weeks, and yes, I am PAIN FREE!!! When I started the diet I was working my way off tentacle for my colitis. I started this diet because the mentality wasn't working anymore. I have been off and on it for about a year and a half. I was tired of not feeling well, and the roller coaster ride of steroids. I got on the internet and found you! Praise God! What a blessing! The adjustment to yet another new diet was a challenge, but I am doing well and pain free! I am gluten intolerant, so what's one more new curve in my diet?! Thank you all so much for the time and energy you put into this program. You are saving lives*

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 Colitis Economy Digital Package

The digital version is delivered in PDF format, to your email within minutes of ordering so you can start NOW.

Computer, kindle, and smartphone friendly.

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